Shade Loving Plants For The Garden Design Ideas From Toronto

Garden Design Ideas From Toronto – The matching plants for the garden choose is a challenge. In his election should be the conditions, soil type, location, irrigation possibilities into account and so on. Not everyone enjoys the strong sunlight, for many people the ideal garden is rather a quiet and shady oasis.

But the gardeners like the shaded area often do not like, because its maintenance is considered rather difficult. Therefore, the garden is often neglected.

The right trees and plants for the garden are easier to care for than we thought. In the shadow realm comes into play what flowers outshine else, namely the shape and color of the leaves. The beautiful green and overgrown with trees Garden in Toronto is a perfect example of a tranquil shade garden. His owner is Marjorie Harris avid gardeners and successful author of popular books and articles on gardening. Marjorie and her family live in this big house in Toronto, Canada since 1967 and since then maintain their garden.

In the beginning, the garden was completely neglected and overgrown with weeds. The garden redesign was more of a challenge. Over the decades, but was planted, maintained and changed course more than once. It is 40 meters long and 6 meters wide and less than therefore not very easy to maintain and modify. These dimensions are typical of many urban homes, and only a few people are happy garden owners. The trees in the garden Marjorie grew up, and the shadow was year-round enjoyment. This was done in that shade-loving plants for the garden can be selected.

In the garden, a unique cozy atmosphere was created. Marjorie has in the shrubs and plants for the backyard in love and has kept a diary with detailed information about their activities, successes, and failures in horticulture. By the time she was a passionate and experienced gardener.

The advantage of the shade-loving plants for the garden is to their ability to thrive in specific conditions in an excellent variety of subtle colors, textures, and shapes. They can also be combined with one another, and an attractive garden design creates. Many of the plants in this garden are native Canadian species such as hostas, vines, clematis, ferns, and hellebores, among other things, to create a similar shade in your garden, it is important to check your soil type.

When designing a long and thin garden like this, it is important to pay attention to whether space is utilized to the maximum. Marjorie Harris has fast-growing shade plants for the garden avoided so that no gloomy garden tunnel was created. A path made of old cobblestones winds through the entire length of the garden. His well-organized structure provides an organic compound from the indoor and outdoor space. Marjorie worked in the backyard with lots of flow and duration and can be proud of their garden art today. The attractive wooden pergola that is hiding in the secret garden is a perfect Partnership for climbing plants. Ceramic jars with impressive plants contribute to the harmonious ambiance. The cozy terrace offers weather relaxation and a beautiful view to the green oasis.

Shade Loving Plants For The Garden Design Ideas From Toronto

Johannes Landscape Design, Toronto   Japanese Gardens Asian Landscape
Johannes Landscape Design, Toronto Japanese Gardens Asian Landscape

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