10 Unique Botanical Gardens And Parks From Distant Continents

Interestingly trimmed hedges, ponds full of water lilies and koi, greenhouses full of exotic flowers, strange and fascinating sculptures – botanical gardens and parks around the world show the beauty of cultivated nature. As a fusion between the wild, untamed nature and the architectural genius of people are these parks as a piece of paradise that we can create with our own hands.

  1. Botanical Gardens and Parks – Botanical Garden in Brooklyn, USA

There are many botanical gardens and parks in New York, but “Brooklyn Botanic Garden” stands out from the crowd. It was founded in 1910 and covers 52 hectares. The garden is home to more than 12,000 plant species, with the highlights of the garden, the Cherry Esplanade, the Steinhardt Conservatory and the Bonsai Museum. There is also one of the most unpleasant world flowers that bloomed last six years ago is – Sumatran Amorphophallus titanium or corpse flower called.

  1. Botanical Gardens and Parks – National Kirsten Bosch National Botanical Garden in South Africa

This beautiful garden is located in an area of 89 hectares in Cape Town, on the slopes of Table Mountain, and was founded in 1913th Kirsten Bosch is proud to boast the most beautiful garden in Africa, and the honor is well deserved. He is referred to as the World Heritage Site. Although a large part of the garden is cultivated, will keep even more surface to protect the diversity of species (flora and fauna). A hallmark of the garden is the Bird of Paradise, one yellow version with the name Mandela’s Gold.

  1. Missouri Botanical Garden in the USA

Originally, the 79-hectare plot of land was a private country house from the businessman Henry Shaw, but since 1859 it is open to the public. The 14-hectare Japanese garden “Seiwa-en” is the largest such garden in the Western Hemisphere, while the Climatron conservatory room exotic tropical plants.

  1. Botanical Gardens and Parks in Singapore

Singapore is often called “Garden City” and with good reason: there are 300 parks and four nature reserves on the island. One of the best is the 183-hectare botanical garden that houses over 20,000 orchids, and wild monkeys and turtles. Established in 1859, it is the only botanical garden in the world, which is open daily from 05.00 clocks until midnight.

  1. Botanical Garden of Montreal, Canada

You might think that Canada’s cold winters would make gardening a challenge, but the Jardin Botanique in Montreal shows that this theory is incorrect. The garden, which was founded in 1931, uses indoor and outdoor spaces to accommodate visitors throughout the year. In the warmer months, you will see the first 30 theme gardens, which also presents “the largest Chinese garden outside of Asia and the Japanese garden, the bonsai trees and some exquisite fountains. If the weather is cool, you can visit the Insectarium, which contains 160,000 living and preserved insects. The highlight is the “‘Butterflies Go Free’ exhibition, in which thousands of tropical butterflies and moths in the greenhouses are released.

  1. Longwood Gardens, USA

As the Missouri Botanic Garden was the Longwood Garden once a private estate – Family owned by DuPont but was converted into a public garden in the year 1919th The garden is situated on more than 1,000 hectares and includes 20 outdoor and 20 indoor gardens. The exhibits include The Orangerie, Silver Garden, Acacia Passage, Orchid House, Cascade Garden, Palm House, Mediterranean Garden, Tropical Terrace and Outdoor Water Garden.

  1. Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, Australia

From the Royal Botanic Gardens, founded in 1788, a view of the downtown Sydney and the infamous Sydney Opera House opens. Decades of improvements on the ground have to bloom a beautiful variety of plants activated, including many that grow in the glass pyramid. Until May 2011, a colony of about 22,000 bats lived in the gardens, but they killed dozens of trees and were eventually expelled.

  1. Francisco Alvarado Park, Zarcero, Costa Rica

Abstract forms, archways and the faces of strange creatures growing out of the courtyard in Parque Francisco Alvarado, found in the center of Zarcero in Costa Rica. The rear garden was coined in these fascinating shapes by the same man since the 1960s.

  1. The Gardens of Las Pozas, Xilitla, Mexico

More like a surrealist sculpture park than a garden, Las Pozas is the playground of the British poet Edward James, a patron of the arts. James was a passionate advocate of the surrealist art movement and his love for the style shows in Las Pozas, which covers more than 80 hectares of natural waterfalls and pools and concrete sculptures. The skinny, strange sculptures were built 1949-1984; the whole project cost James over 5 million dollars he raised by selling his considerable collection of surrealist art.

  1. Botanical Garden in Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto Botanical Garden is located on extensive grounds of 240,000 m2 and was founded in 1924. The garden is located on the Kamogawa River. With around 12,000 different species of plants, gardens, a conservatory, garden crops, expansive lawns and a children’s playground, he is one of the largest botanical gardens in the whole of Japan.

10 Unique Botanical Gardens And Parks From Distant Continents

City And Suburbs   Botanic Gardens
City And Suburbs Botanic Gardens

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