10 Spectacular Mazes And Labyrinths – Fascinating Garden Art

The  Mazes and Labyrinths were a fascinating element of garden art since ancient times. The hedges mazes were very popular in Europe in the 16th century and the Renaissance. These amazing gardens serve not only as an interesting pastime, but also as a focal point for thinking about the source of life, human destiny and our place in the universe. In the 17th and 18th centuries that were  mazes and labyrinths still lush and complex. The design of the garden mazes often contained blind endings, ornamental “room” or even pools and fountains. They were also more difficult to solve.

For centuries, are Mazes and Labyrinths fascinating and inspiring for humanity. And this trend has spread well beyond Europe. The most famous architects from around the world wanted to impress visitors with their designs and inspire. Explore these exciting hedge mazes and the great pictures from the air.

  1. Mazes and Labyrinths in France

This maze is the largest in the world and was created in 1996 in Touraine, France. In those days came 85,000 visitors to admire these amazing gardens and getting lost in the middle of the 4-hectare maze. Every year since created a maze of corn or sunflowers, is harvested in the fall and then immersed in the following year in a different form, thanks to a proven marking technique.

  1. The maze at Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria

The first hedge maze at Schönbrunn was laid 1698-1740. Consisting of four different parts, the visitor could reach a gazebo with an observation tower in the center and admire the whole maze from above. During the 19th century the maze and the hedges were destroyed. Today’s maze was rebuilt again in 1998 and extends over an area of 1715m2. Schönbrunn also has a labyrinth – a 2700m2 large area the games and puzzles dedicated.

  1. The labyrinth at Villa Pisani, in the Italian region Veneto

Designed in 1720 by Gerolamo Frigimelica, the hedge maze amused visitors with its intricate paths, which are considered the most difficult in the world. The high hedges are planted in nine concentric circles and obscure tight everything except the central target.

A white tower with two small staircases to the top where the statues of Minerva, goddess of wisdom and patron of the arts are. According to legend, Napoleon has himself lost here again!

  1. Pineapple Maze in Hawaii

The world’s largest maze, according to the Guinness Book of Records in 2001, provides the pineapple hedge maze over three miles of paths on three hectares. Instead of a traditional English hedge, it is planted with 14,000 colorful Hawaiian plants, including hibiscus, croton, panax, pineapple and heliconia.

  1. Snake maze in the UK

Michael Blee, 62 years, took several months to create this six hectare hedge maze in Gore Farm in Upchurch, near Rochester, Kent. His briers high 3 meters. This is the tenth and the most complicated maze Mr. Blee has ever done.

  1. Hampton Court maze in the UK

Hampton Court, the Royal Palace on the River Thames in west London, is probably the most famous in the UK. The maze was created as part of the gardens of William of Orange 1689-1695 by George London and Henry Wise. It covers an area of 1350 m², with paths and hedges, which are more than 0.8 km long.

  1. “Peace Maze” in Ireland

This Irish hedge maze was officially opened in of 2001. The largest permanent maze in the world covers an area of 11,000 m2. The path length is 3147m. The hedges consist of 6000 yew hedges that have been planted in December 2000 by people from all over Northern Ireland.

  1. Longleat maze in the UK

Out of more than 16,000 English yew hedges, the spectacular Longleat hedge maze – the longest in the world – was first established in 1975 by designer Greg Bright. The maze covers an area of approximately 6000 m2 with a total path length of 2.72 km away. Unlike most conventional hedge mazes, it’s actually three-dimensional, with six wooden bridges offering tantalizing views towards the center of the maze.

  1. Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Labyrinth in Australia

The largest and oldest maze in Australia, three meters high and two meters wide. The gardens also boast the world’s oldest rose maze, where 217 varieties of roses blooming fabulously on 1,200 bushes.

  1. Davis Mega Labyrinth, Sterling, USA

“Davis Mega Maze” is an amazing corn maze in Massachusetts, USA. Each year it surprises its visitors with a fresh design by world-renowned designer Adrian Fisher. The themes have changed a lot – of dinosaurs in 2001, through the Wild West (2004) to Blackbeard’s Revenge (2011). The maze has more bridges than any other, including the only double-decker bridge. It is also the only corn maze in the world that has the capacity to change every day. That makes every experience absolutely unique.

10 Spectacular Mazes And Labyrinths - Fascinating Garden Art

The Puzzling World Of Labyrinths And Mazes
The Puzzling World Of Labyrinths And Mazes

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