Traditional Japanese Garden Design

Traditional Japanese Garden Design – The hectic everyday life often forces us to seek a refuge where we can relax. One can rest properly in nature. Anyway, it is possible to make in their own home in a quiet corner. In recent years, the popularity of Japanese garden is – design increased rapidly.

The best thing about this design is that the landscaping of wild nature is reflected. Green, gray and brown are mixed uniquely with flowers and fruits. Stones, fruit trees, flowers, and shrubs are the main motives in the garden. There are several variations possible, and you can play with different combinations, as long as you stick to the basic rule – namely that the composition must look natural.

For the perfect Japanese garden design, you need stones. They play an important role and often provide a connection between the backyard and the interior region. They also provide the right ambiance for beautiful fish. It is important that the house and the garden have the same configuration – as the Japanese garden looks great with old buildings.

If your house is more contemporary in style, with square shapes and amazing colors you should exotic plants, bold colors and artistic decoration for the garden draw before. The Japanese garden – design depends on the court surface. The trees should not be too close to the house, and the basin should be built in the middle of the yard. Flowers and shrubs should not be planted too close to the high vegetation, so they do not stand in their shadow.

The weather conditions also play a major role – it is of particular importance, as many sunny days a year. Depending on the wind and rain should choose the plant species. If the plants are not frost-resistant, a shelter is a good idea.

Let yourself be inspired by our suggestions for Japanese garden designing and create your hideaway in the middle of the city!

Traditional Japanese Garden Design

Traditional Japanese House Design   Japanese Home Garden
Traditional Japanese House Design Japanese Home Garden

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