The New Spectacular Botanical Garden In Singapore

Botanical Garden In Singapore – Singapore is home to many spectacular architectural attractions and agriculture. One of the most dramatic of these is the new and stunning botanical gardens – Bay South. The futuristic approach to garden design is a pioneer in the combination and achieve a dramatic unity between natural and architectural elements. Built on reclaimed land, this fabulous and sustainable horticultural project covers a massive area of 54 h, the fantastic botanical garden consists of three planned green spaces. Cloud Forest, Flower Dome and the vertical gardens, called “Super Trees.” The total area of the recreation park is 100 hectares and more.

The dominant architectural features of the ambitious sustainable horticulture project are massive and sculptural glass and steel structures. Keeping large conservatories that mimic the complex climate and flora of the Mediterranean Sea and Cloud Forest regions. Cloud Forest brings fabulous biodiversity in the tropical climate of Singapore city.

These are no ordinary conservatories. They are home to amazing waterfalls and breathtaking levels of vertical planting and ever flowering meadows. This is a world within a world, the natural life of the built-up urban area. High bridges and walkways give visitors the opportunity to explore the awe-inspiring surroundings above the treetops.

This project has sustainability at its heart. The sweeping curves of the conservatory were created to facilitate the most innovative methods of passive climate control. These include climate-neutral cooling and computer-controlled light and shade modifications. The systems are based on environmentally sustainable features such as solar cells to use solar energy for lighting and cooling function.

In the south of the conservatories are the fantastic massive steel structures of the ‘Super Trees “, which rise majestically above the bay. This increase is up to 50 meters and is artificially planted exotic. This futuristic sculptural trees offer tempting shadow areas and are not only admired for their spectacular aesthetics, but also for their practical purposes. They are essential for the continuation of the sustainable horticultural project, which they collect solar energy and excess heat vent away from the entire recreation park.

Paul Baker, Director of Wilkinson Eyre Architects, explains how the shapes and materials of botanical gardens directly related to magnificent modern Singapore stand cityscape, while the surviving exotic plants is closely linked to the natural environment of the bay. Therefore, these buildings to connect these two remarkable but contrasting habitats in a concept.

The new spectacular Botanical Garden South Bay Garden has been opened since June 29th 2012. The elaborate plans which led to the realization of this sustainable horticulture will certainly change the lives of Singapore residents and transform the experience of visitors to the city.

The New Spectacular Botanical Garden In Singapore

Singapore Botanic Gardens
Singapore Botanic Gardens

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