Landscaping Ideas between Houses Using Plants

Landscaping ideas between houses can use vines, trees, and shrubs. Those plants popular among the homeowners for their property line landscaping ideas.

Landscaping ideas between houses are fundamental since the property line can make your relationship with your neighbors become a nightmare. It can simply mark where you park end, and your neighbors begin. Property lines landscaping ideas are to gain privacy as well. Deciding what landscape that suits you well can take forever. You have to consider many things to make it look good and complement your home.

Security is also one thing you should take into account. When you can decide what kind of security you need, you can decide whether you want to have a fence or plant (or both). If you want to ‘secure’ your home more, fencing is your clear choice. Whether it is going to be a concrete fence, wood fence, or lattice, of course, it depends on the look you want to achieve. Combining those three elements as your property line landscaping is also possible. It can simply make delicious your home design.

When you decide to use plants, you also need to think about the plants. Some plants grow slowly, and it will take you more time to gain the privacy you desire. You also need to maintain the plants especially when you have poor quality soil. Many plant species are commonly used for property boundaries. Each species has its advantages and some drawbacks. If you are thinking about plants for your landscaping ideas between houses, here are some ideas to steal.


There are two common species, deciduous and evergreen shrubs. Both shrubs are the most common plants for landscaping between houses ideas. Both also are popular, but the evergreen shrubs are what most homeowners choose because these plants come in handy in blocking the view. The evergreen shrubs also present a beautiful view. They grow easily with less caring. Korean boxwoods and Japanese privets are two shrubs that people usually choose for landscaping ideas. Japanese privets even feature flowers that will beautify your property line.

Unlike evergreen shrubs, deciduous shrubs are admirable for its low maintenance. They can even grow in an environment with poor conditions. One thing that makes these plants become most homeowners’ favorite is that these plants are thorny. Some animals like deer will get away from them. Even though these plants will lose their foliage during winter, people still love them for their eye-catching red berries. Japanese barberry and rose of Sharon are two modern plants for between houses landscaping ideas.

Vines and Trees

If you have already built a fence for your landscaping ideas between houses, you can decorate it with vines. You will have a year-round green property boundary that will enhance your home. But you have to be careful in choosing the vines because some invasive vines grow so fast keeping you busy to tame them. Japanese hydrangea vine is one choice since it grows fast but non-invasive. If you have the large property, having trees along your property line will be very easy and simple with low-maintenance.

Landscaping Ideas between Houses Using Plants

Landscaping Ideas Between Houses Using Plants
Landscaping Ideas Between Houses Using Plants

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