Landscaping Ideas and Prices Less than $ 6,000

Landscaping ideas and prices can be done less than $ 6,000. For example, you will get an affordable landscape with simple concrete patio, outdoor kitchen, portable fire pit, simple deck, and open wooden roof.

Landscaping yard is very interesting to be discussed and to do. However, the most common problems are the limited ideas and costs. In fact, the two things above are the main things in landscaping. However, landscaping can be done cheaply if you do it efficiently with the smart ideas. Even more, it can be less than $ 6,000 to get a wonderful landscape. However, you have to plan it properly so that the price estimation will not be wrong. Here are landscaping ideas and prices that can inspire you.

Concrete Patio

The patio can be one of the most beautiful and useful landscapes. In fact, it can be built inexpensively. With the simple and small patio, it can be inexpensive landscaping ideas. To avoid the high price, the best choice for the floor is using paving bricks. You can also add the simple color to make it artistic. This landscaping is estimated will cost $ 6 for a square foot. So, the total cash will depend on its large.

Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking indoor every day will make you bored. This situation can be worse if your kitchen is dirty. For the solution, you can create an outdoor kitchen. It can create a new nuance so that you will not be bored anymore. Many people have applied this outdoor kitchen, and they feel more comfortable to cook. Creating outdoor kitchen is different from an indoor kitchen that costs much cash. With portable kitchen tools, it can be great landscaping ideas on the budget. You just need to spend about $ 2,000 for this amazing outdoor kitchen.

Portable Fire Pit

Keeping the yard clean is a must. Therefore, you need a fire pit. If you think about a simple fire pit, the portable fire pit will be a good idea. The landscaping ideas and prices with this portable fire pit will not cost much. Choose the simplest portable fire pit, and it will only cost for $ 150. Place it on the safest area so that it will not damage anything around it.

Simple Deck

The deck will be plus point in a backyard landscape. It has more values because of the attractive look. However, the common problem comes on the cost. If you can choose the right material, it will be affordable. Mostly, the high price is on the maintenance. So, you do not need to choose the high-quality wood to avoid the high cost of the maintenance. Add the pure paint, and it will be beautiful but still affordable. This price landscaping idea will depend on its large. For a square foot, it will cost about $ 16. So, you do not need to make them too large deck to keep it cheap.

Open Wooden Roof

The last idea is an open wooden roof. The open wooden roof will not need many kinds of wood. Even more, with the not too large open wooden roof, it will be cheaper. For example, you need 10’x10’. It will cost about $ 3,000. Those are landscaping ideas and prices. If you are inspired with those affordable prices, you may apply those ideas.

Landscaping Ideas and Prices Less than $ 6,000

Landscaping Ideas And Prices Less Than $ 6,000
Landscaping Ideas And Prices Less Than $ 6,000

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