Simple Landscaping Ideas Images for Your House

Simple landscaping ideas images will include front yard, back yard, and side yards. All of them should be made based on your own purposes because different people will have different purposes for their yards.

If you have a house but you feel bored with it, it means that you need to redesign you house. To have a comfortable and attractive house, you do not need to spend much money. Simple landscaping will be better for you. However, it is not that easy. So, landscaping ideas are needed. Here, I will share simple landscaping ideas images that can be your reference for your house.

Simple Front Yard

Landscaping should be focused on the yards, front yard, side yards, and back yard. Let’s start from the front yard. Front yard is the front area of your house. So, you have to make it as good as possible so that people are attracted when they visit your house. Simple front yard landscaping ideas can be started from the fence and hedges. You need a fence and hedges as the privacy. Then, make a walkway and driveway straight from the fence to the door and garage. For the land, lawns will be the best idea. It can make your front yard look green and fresh.

Besides that, you need to use the remaining space of the front yard with some plants and flowers. You have to choose the flowers that are beautiful and easy to take care of. Roses, jasmines, and orchids will be very good. Then, you need one or two larger plants to make your front yard shaded. Choose the plants that are not too big because it will give a bad effect. That is very simple landscaping ideas with plants.

Simple Back Yard

Different people have different purposes for their back yard. So, back yard should be made based on your own purposes. However, the following simple landscaping ideas images will inspire you for your back yard. Back yard is commonly used to play for children. So, you have to make a play area in your back yard like swimming pool. Sometimes, it also becomes the outdoor area for your pets to play around. So, remain enough empty space for your pets.

Besides that, back yard also becomes the dining area with your family. You can concept it with some chairs and a table for dining. If you like tennis, simple landscaping ideas with tennis table will be a good idea. You can customize it to your hobby. If you like basketball, mini basketball field can be applied, if you like badminton, you can make a badminton filed in your back yard, etc.

Simple Side Yards

Landscaping side yards is not as easy as front yard and back yard. It is because most of you do not know the function of it. Here are the simple landscaping ideas images for your side yards. To do it, you need to make sure whether it has enough space to be planted with some flowers or other plats. If you want to make it as an access way, decide whether it will be a walk way or path way. Then, the best materials for side yards are paving bricks.

Simple Landscaping Ideas Images for Your House

Simple Landscaping Ideas Images For Your House
Simple Landscaping Ideas Images For Your House

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