Simple Landscaping Ideas for Small Houses

Simple landscaping ideas for small houses can be quite hard because of the less space available. But, it can be an obstacle anymore with a perfect planning.

Designing simple landscaping ideas for small houses may be challenging because of the lack of space. But, it can be quite advantageous too since it does not need a lot of budgets, and easier to maintain. So, this article tries to give some ideas on the landscape of the small house. Hopefully, it will give you more inspiration on how to make your house more beautiful based on your style. Be prepared to welcome your guest to the brand-new relaxing area in your house.

Some Stunning-look yet Simple Landscaping Ideas for Small Houses

For small houses landscaping ideas, here are some examples that you can choose. First is if you have a cottage house, you can hang plants at the front door to add style if you have a veranda. Or if there’s no porch, use train wisteria or lilacs in a trellis. Vary the colors like butterfly bush and honeysuckle. You can use half-barrels that hold miniature gardens also if there’s more space. Another idea is for the lack of water area. You can landscape your house with plants that don’t need much water with big square pavers heading to the door. Surround it with sedum, a sturdy, green ground cover.

Simple Landscaping Ideas for Small Houses, Tips, and Tricks

Simple landscaping ideas for small houses main focus are to keep it as simple as possible. In a flat yard, you can choose a straight path surrounded by a little boxwood bush or an evergreen flower garden. You can also make your front door as the main focus with intense colors, and repeat the color in the front yard perennial bed. Dark red tulips match well with your dark red front door, and the color is going inside to cushions or kitchen chairs to create unity. Or, create the unity by paving your patio with the same brick-like on the walls.

A craftsman style bungalow looks good surrounded by traditional flowering plants like rhododendron, but Japanese maple is also acceptable. If you have room, adding a small patio to a small house just makes another cramped space. Instead, add a canopy, pergola, or shade sail. Add lattice or bamboo on the sides to increase privacy. If your house and yard are shadier with many trees, you can create an English country cutting garden. After all, design for small houses landscape is about how to maintain small space to make it more beautiful.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to know the mature size of plants. Choose the trees with mid-sized height, around 20- to 30-foot-high, and maintain the foundation plantings low, just about 3 feet or less, to make your house walls taller. Besides that, planting in layers from low to tall plants by positioning taller shrubs at the corners of the house will give you more accents. You can add some decorative accent like fountain or statue.

That’s all about simple landscaping ideas for small houses. You can try to re-design your small house into a more chic house. Let’s your guest enjoy the warm feeling provide as they enter your house. Plan your design well, and be wise with your budget. Even though, smaller space can be smaller budget spend; but without the proper planning, you may spend more than you should.

Simple Landscaping Ideas for Small Houses

Simple Landscaping Ideas For Small Houses
Simple Landscaping Ideas For Small Houses

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