Simple Landscaping Ideas for a Ranch Style House with Attractive Look and Comfortable Nuance

Simple landscaping ideas for a ranch style house can be done in some ways. For example, you have to keep it casual, make a simple entrance, make a garden area, use different materials, and mix the models.

Living in a ranch gives you so many advantages. It can be gratifying, exciting and comfortable because you will have a vast land and house. It usually has one level and one roof. With a ranch style house, you do need to make a complex house even though you have so large space for it. Simple landscaping will be better. Here, I will share simple landscaping ideas for a ranch style house.

Keep Being Casual

Let’s start from the design. As it is stated before that, it is better to make a simple landscaping for your house. So, just keep your ranch style house casual. For the painting color, yellow or orange will be the best color. Then, you should also have the simple ranch house shape plans. The key is to make your house symmetry. It should be balanced between the left side and the right side. Do not to be too focused to one of the side.

Simple Front Entrance

Then, the front yard becomes the next part that must be paid attention. It can be started from the gate. When you, your neighbors or other guests want to visit your house, they prefer the straight line entry from your fence to the front door. So, you have to make sure that the entrance has enough space. You may plant some trees as long as they are not too close to the house and do not block the entrance. It can be the simple front yard ranch house ideas.

Garden Area

Garden area will also be simple landscaping ideas for a ranch style house. Garden can be a front garden, back garden, or both of them. Garden can make your house stay cool. So, you can enjoy your afternoon with your family at home comfortably. The trees can also block the intense sunlight, produce oxygen, as well as reduce carbon dioxide. So, your house will be green, cool, fresh and comfortable. You can also add some playing tools for your children, so, your kids can play in your garden safely.

Various Materials

It ‘s nice to have one color for your house wall, for example, yellow color. However, it may also be a monotone color. As the solution, you can mix the materials of your house. Of course, you should consider some factors. Whatever the materials will be useful as long as they are healthy, matched, and attractive. For example, some parts of your wall are made of oriented stones and combine the roof with wooden. Those will be interesting ranch house landscaping ideas.

Decide the Model

Then, you should choose the type of simple landscaping ideas for a ranch style house, whether it will be modern, classical or traditional base model. Whatever the models, it will look good. Even more, you can mix those three base models. It will be a good combination. For example, you want a classical model for your front house, modern model for your interior, and traditional design for your backyard.

Simple Landscaping Ideas For A Ranch Style House With Attractive Look And Comfortable Nuance
Simple Landscaping Ideas For A Ranch Style House With Attractive Look And Comfortable Nuance

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