Simple Landscaping Ideas around House

Simple landscaping ideas around house are the best way to add colors in your house. It can also become the best source of relaxation after hard work, and to welcome every guest. But sometimes choosing the right location and what to plant can be quite tricky.

Having a beautiful green part in your home surely will make your mind fresh after work hard, But sometimes, it can be quite confusing on where place the landscape in your home. This article tries to suggest simple landscaping ideas around house. Hopefully, it’s useful. Enjoy your time to prepare the little oasis in your home, and prepare to make your guest feel more welcome.

Simple Landscaping Ideas around House, What to Considers?

First of all, in around house landscape, you must plan before you plant. Start by enlarging a photo of your house and tracing the outline on paper. Add the key features that you want, and try to sketch in plants. It will help to make the layout, determine on how much the budget, and to maintenance the time that you will need. You will also need to point out the problems that will occur in the process so that you can find the solution.

After that, you can start by match your around house landscaping ideas by matching it with your house’s architecture and style. If your home has formal symmetry, like on the Georgians or some Colonial Revivals style, you may want formal elements such as sheared shrubs with mirror-image plantings on each side of your house. In the informal cottage-style house, you may want more casual and asymmetrical design.

Try to avoid tall plantings that can block the views to your home, or alone bed in the center of an open area. Also, make sure the light and air circulation are not blocked if you choose windows lawn. You can place tall plantings at the corners of the house to help give the illusion to make small house larger. Medium size flower like dogwood, crape myrtle, Canadian redbud, or rose-of-Sharon will suit cottage style home. Whereas the more traditional and formal homes can be planted with juniper, English oak, or groups of Leyland cypress at the each side. Surely, it will make your simple landscaping ideas around house perfect.

In a design for around house landscape, you may make stonework to the house that doesn’t have raising foundation. You can choose the different deciduous plants for each season to add tone to the evergreen plant that you have. For example, you can choose the eye-catching staggered bloom from early spring to late summer, colorful foliage for fall, and fruits in winter. You can enlarge the bed, and layer the plant from the shortest in the front to tallest in the back.

Simple Landscaping Ideas around House, a Conclusion

Your materials selection like brick, pavers, stone, or the combinations of them, conceals your style. An iron gate can finish the touch, and gives security. The other thing that you should do simple landscaping ideas around house is to choose the right size and scale plants. With the right planning, surely you can make a perfect oasis in your house to refresh your mind after the week full of stress. It can also make the guest feel more welcome. So, what are you waiting for? Start your on the landscaping project, and show off your style to add colors to your house.

Simple Landscaping Ideas around House

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