Simple Hillside Landscaping Ideas for You

Simple hillside landscaping ideas is not impossible anymore if you know what to do before start your project. With the right tricks, your hillside house will be more awesome.

Before you start on simple hillside landscaping ideas, there are some things to consider. The first is drainage and the stability of the slope. Is the drainage good? Where is the water going? Is there common for erosion? Does the soil have permanent bald spots that can’t be planted? Is the soil stable or not? How steep is the slope? Is there irrigation or water of any kind available? But, too much water the slope will be unstable. How is the sun? Etc.

Simple Hillside Landscaping Ideas, Before Starting

To test on how good is the drainage, before you start the design for hillside landscape, you can dig a hole; fill the hole with water, and see how long it takes to drain the water to drain. If it takes maximal an hour, it is good; if more, maybe the slope has a problem. Dig more to see if there’s rock under it, and have a soil analysis to look for boron, sodium, or high calcium. Do not fertilize it. Planting will reduce erosion, and retaining wall can make the slope more stable.

In hillside landscape, the planting needs to be a mix of bushes, ground covers, and perennial covered in enough mulch and rock between the plants. A different planting reduces the amount of the rainfall that hit directly to the soil. Usually, the bigger plants also have deeper roots, but pines and some manzanitas are exceptions.

Old Erosion Idea that Won’t Work

To prevent erosion is important in simple hillside landscaping ideas. There are some erosion-preventing ideas that the people did since a long time ago, but it won’t work. What are they? The first is grass. Planting grass on a slope does not stop erosion. They will make the erosion risk even higher. The next is mulch. Mulch is necessary to prevent erosion. But, using the wrong type of mulch can make the plants won’t grow well. Thus the erosion risk can be higher.

Some people also believe that straw can prevent the erosion in landscaping ideas for the hillside. It works for about 15 minutes during the first rainfall. After that, the slope will become muddy, and the straw is in a mess. It will produce a lot of weed seeds, and make the erosion risk bigger. The other common mistake is to build concrete that makes the water doesn’t go into the soil and cause more problems.

Effective Way to Prevent Fire

Another important thing to consider in hillside area is the danger of fire as the fire move from a lower area into upper area. In southern California, they plant a lot of ice plant. The green part of ice plant does not burn very well, that’s why people think it’s useful for preventing the fire. But, having ice plant on the hillside can increases erosion. Instead, plant the California native plants with mulch or boulders in between, to reduce both the fire danger and also control erosion on your slope. That’s all on the simple hillside landscaping ideas. Hopefully, this article is useful.

Simple Hillside Landscaping Ideas for You

Simple Hillside Landscaping Ideas For You
Simple Hillside Landscaping Ideas For You

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