Amazing Mini Park with Simple DIY Landscaping Ideas

Simple diy landscaping ideas can be done easily with a low cost. Grassland, gravels sideway, fishpond, plants are the keys.

Nowadays, almost every house has a park. A park can be used to beautify your house. It can also be a place to refresh your mind from your routines. Moreover, it can be used as a park for children to play. A park is usually made as beautiful as possible. Can you do landscaping by yourself? Besides cheap, do it yourself landscaping also gives you a chance to express your own idea. To help you, I will suggest you some simple diy landscaping ideas.

Landscaping the Ground

Landscaping does not need much money. By do it yourself landscaping, you can save some money. One of the diy cheap landscaping ideas is making a mini park on the yard. You can start from the ground. There are many options of the ground. It can be soils, paving, gravels, or grasses. The best choice is grasses. Besides it will look beautiful, grass also gives green effect. So you will always feel cool and fresh in your park. Then, make a sideway on the middle to walk in to the door. It will be better if you put gravels on it. The gravels function to make it not slippery. Gravels also have a high artistic value.It will be one of the best simple diy landscaping ideas.

Adding a fishpond

If you have large front yard, you can make a swimming pool. However, if your front yard is not large enough, fishpond will also be good do it yourself backyard landscaping ideas. A fishpond is better on the edge of the yard. Various fishes will make it look very beautiful. It will be more amazing simple diy landscaping ideas with a fountain on the middle of the fishpond. It also makes the water always fresh. This will make you as if you have a recreation place in your house.

Various Plants

The next easy do it yourself landscaping is planting some plants. What plants are better? You should decide this. Here, I suggest you Buda belly bamboo. This bamboo is origined from China. This is common to use for landscaping. You do not need too many bamboo; ten till fifteen bamboo are enough. This bamboo is appropriate to plant on the corner of the yard. This bamboo cannot grow up too tall, so this will always be beautiful. Another simple diy landscaping ideas is planting some flowers. Roses and jasmines are the must. Who do not knows roses and jasmines? Those two flowers are the most attractive flowers.

The last is finishing touch. To finish it, you can add a statue. You can use your favorite animal to inspire you. For example is a tiger. Make a statue of tiger and place it near the fishpond. It will be a perfect simple diy landscaping ideas.

Those simple diy landscaping ideas are very easy to do. Besides, you do not need much money. Are you interested in those landscaping ideas? With a narrow yard, you are able to have an amazing house. Hopefully this will be useful ideas.

Amazing Mini Park With Simple DIY Landscaping Ideas
Amazing Mini Park With Simple DIY Landscaping Ideas

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