Various Patio Garden as Simple Landscaping Ideas Australia

Have you ever heard about patio? Most of Australian’s house is luxurious and has contemporary yet modern style. Australian needs house not only for relax but also for having fun. That’s why patio garden is the right answer. Patio is an outdoor space that is generally used for dining recreation and doing another enjoyment thing. It is typically paved and not far from the main room of the house. It’s usually in a house terrace. Generally, patio is made of stone or concrete paving but it is also made of wood to give contemporary and modern impression. It can be created using bricks or tiles. The function of patio is to make the air circulation of the house fresher and healthy. The ideas of making patio can be applied if you have a small area too.

Generally, patio is used to be for luxurious house only but now a minimalist house also can apply this landscape method. Patio is able to be placed at the terrace or roof of your house. The variations of patio are suitable for simple landscaping ideas Australia. There are some points you have to concern on; plant species, ornamental features, complement features and composition.

Plant species which are suitable on patio is Anthurium, orchid, and caladium. Essentially, choose plants that do not need much sunlight, easy cultivation and do not need much water. For the ornamental features you can place natural stones or fountain as the point of view. Complement features include gravels and sands. This element is aimed to fill in the empty space.

Few tips you can follow for your dramatic patio:

1. Manage the position of the patio
It’s important whether you want to make patio at terrace or roof.
2. Lighting
Add up lamps to make the atmosphere of the patio alive. It enables to make a dramatic effect for your patio.
3. Furniture
For your patio, choose waterproof furniture in small size. Furniture made of teak and rattan is preferable.
4. Accessories

To beautify your patio you can add up some accessories like waterproof carpet, chime or mini aquarium. Patio is also can be made as a therapy room if you want to. Just put up some aromatherapy flowers inside your patio. The natural fragrance will relax your mind and make you don’t want to get out of your house.

Various Patio Garden as Simple Landscaping Ideas Australia

Lawn, Landscape & Garden Design
Lawn, Landscape & Garden Design

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