Simple Landscaping Ideas around a Pool

Having a pool is truly a benefit for you. Not just a place to do some water exercise, but also a place for having fun and of course enjoy your relaxation moment. But all of those things cannot exist even though you have such fantastic pool without supporting landscape around the pool. So here I give you some simple landscaping ideas around a pool that you can do it by yourself.

Select Your Theme

This is the primary thing that you must do; make sure that you will stick with the subject once you decide the topic that you want to apply. The first thing is to take your pool as the starting point to determine what kind of theme would fit for the pool. For instance when you have the rock pool then it will fit with the tropical theme, meanwhile for some sleek pool will match with a lot simpler landscape, and if you have a unique shape of your pool, then cozy landscape can be fit for it.


Softscaping or greenery is the best yet simple landscape features that will boost the relaxation impression form your pool. All you need to do just make some plant in which you will put the plants. You can select different kinds of height for the plant to create some variations for the landscape. Try to choose kinds of plant that will not make your pool dirty. Try to use a tree as less as possible.

Shade Place

You do not want to shade your pool directly, but the shady area is important since it is the right spot for you to relax and lay down enjoying your time near the pool. You can use anything that exists to make a shady place. Umbrella, shade arbors, and of course trees. In some simple landscaping ideas around a pool, people put more than one shady place since they are having the consideration that stays will also have the guest that will also enjoy the area.

Simple but Sweet

Well, all the explanation above are just simple landscaping ideas around a pool, it does not mean that you cannot have a more complicated setup for the landscape. But to make it happens; you may need to take the first simple step before you go further. You will find out that sometimes the simplest landscape is the best landscape that suitable for the pool. After all, making a landscape around the pool is not about how fancy the landscape is, but how much it supports the pool itself.

Simple Landscaping Ideas around a Pool

Simple Landscaping Ideas Around A Pool
Simple Landscaping Ideas Around A Pool

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