Landscaping Ideas for Your Lovely Home

It’s always good to have beautiful garden, but how? Finding great landscaping ideas may be hard for some people, it needs more than creativity. So, here are some landscaping ideas that maybe can help you decorate your lovely house.

1. Put height

It will be delightful if there is some dimension in your yard. You can give that dimension by adding some height, use planters or hanging baskets. It is recommended if you out 3 kinds of plants in each basket, you can use begonias or variegated sage as a spiller, Kong coleus as a filler, and purple cordyline as a thriller. What spiller means here is something hanging down above the edges, filler means something mounding and filling in, and thriller means something tall and attention-grabbing for the core. If you add this to your yard, your yard will definitely be eye-catching.

2. Set up a garden bolt of the blue

Who doesn’t like surprise? You can create a paradise in your garden by interconnecting paths, wandering rivers, enthusing panorama, and secreted room. It is like a hideaway for people to get together and have some drinks. It will be better if you put this garden in the furthest place because like an old saying says save the best for the last, it will also surprise anyone.

3. Place No-Fray Lilies

What is better than Crinums? They can survive in any condition, whether it is hot or humid. They also don’t need fertilizer. So, it will be easy for you to plant these plants. Not only they give a good fragrance, but their trumpet-shaped also delight everyone’s eyes. They also have so many colors and they come out in fall, spring, and even summer.

4. Choose the right flowers

It must be annoying when you have laboriously planted your beautiful flowers, but then they are all gone because the deer destroy them. So, be clever when choosing what flowers to plant, pick flowers that looks wonderful for human but not for deer. For example, butterfly weed, purple cornflower, or globe thistle. You have to plant all of them in well-drained top soil.

Those are tips and trick for landscaping ideas. However, it’s not limited only for those 4 ideas; you can find other ideas adjusting to your house condition and shape. Different house will need different landscaping. You can also consulting to the expert to know what is best for your house. After all, what is better than seeing your yard delights your eyes?

Landscaping Ideas For Your Lovely Home
Landscaping Ideas For Your Lovely Home

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