Best Landscaping Ideas for Front of House

Landscaping ideas for front of house can be the best choice for you. By using those ideas, you can make front yard landscape at home. Having front yard landscape can be the addition esthetic point for your home. It will be the attractive side for your home guest and everybody who looks at your home.

So, do you want to get some ideas for creating front yard landscape? If you want to get it, you can keep reading here. This article is going to discuss about landscape for your front yard. Let’s check them below and find your best ideas here! Happy reading everyone!

Making a Path with Labyrinth Area by Bonsai

First reference for you is to create your front yard with bonsai. You can start it by making a path on labyrinth pattern. That labyrinth will be made by bonsai. Besides bonsai, you also can create it by using some flower pots. Meanwhile for the labyrinth height, it will be about 30 cm.

After that, you can remain the center area to be outdoor water fountain area. That area should be on circle shape. Well for making it, you can get an artificial water fountain. Then, you can place it there. You also can add angel statue near the water fountain. Last, you have to add some pots with colorful flowers around the circle spot. This idea will make great view for your front yard, right?

Creating Levels by Stones and Small Garden

Besides making a path at your front yard, you also can make some levels that can help you reaching the terrace. You can build it by some bars of stones. After that, you can create the small garden near your fence.

For making that small garden, you can plant some grasses. After that, you also have to pour some corals there. Besides pouring the corals, you also will put some flowers pot there. There are some flowers that can be your best reference. You can get orchids, roses, and jasmines. Besides that, you also can plant the dried plant like cactus.

Then for adding great look, you can add some hanging pots at terrace. It will make your front yard being so closed to nature. It is dominated by any kinds of plants. Finally those are all about landscaping ideas for front of house. You can apply the ideas above for creating gorgeous look at your home. Good luck!

Best Landscaping Ideas for Front of House

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas For Philadelphia Main Line Homes
Front Yard Landscaping Ideas For Philadelphia Main Line Homes

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